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Our Story

Nutburg was created in a small Family Restaurant located on the beautiful Gatineau River. Fifteen years ago the meat alternative market was certainly not what it is today. We wanted to serve a meat free alternative that was totally unique, tofu free, and offered a bite profile that couldn't be found in Tofu like Burgers.
From the beginning we knew the ingredients had to be simple and clean. Almonds, Cashews, and Sunflower Seeds provided the exclusive format that we were looking for.  When mixed with a blend of vegetables along with breadcrumbs and spices...the First Nutburg was created.
Recently we launched our 3rd revision of the Nutburg, which is now 100% Plant Based and free of Gluten. The Original Nutburg and Chipotle Nutburg still have the same commitment to a simple and clean ingredients, and yes, is still created in the Kitchen.

I hope you enjoy them either on the stove top, BBQ, or perhaps at one of the several Food Service Establishment that carry our products.

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